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TBD 90 Min

Sci Fi

English  Availability
Est Q4 2024
US Premiere
Est Q4 2024

July 1947, an alien ship crash lands near Roswell, NM. A cover-up follows. 75 years later, Roswell is a sleepy tourist trap, where no one believes in aliens... until now.


Citizens of Roswell are being abducted by aliens. Told through the lens of a middle-American family whose mom is abducted. 1947 flashes back, tying to her abduction. Her husband faces denial and suspicion regarding her disappearance, especially from the 75-year-old chief of police. When the wife mysteriously returns pregnant, the alien agenda is revealed and so is the true identity of the Police Chief himself. One part alien abduction, one part invasion of the body snatchers, no one is safe in Roswell.

Directed By


Written By

Jim McCann

Produced By

Stan Spry

Eric Woods

Executive Producers

Production Company
Cartel Pictures, LLC
Tubi, Inc.
Distribution Company
Cartel Studios International
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