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Echo Base

TBD 90 Min

Sci Fi

Echo Base
English  Availability
Est Q4 2022
US Premiere
Est Q4 2022, Tubi

Cut off from communication, an Air Force Team must decide to execute a nuclear missile order that could save the planet, or incinerate millions.


Set in the year 2030 when the rise of fake video has eroded trust and fragmented society, ECHO BASE is the story of two Air Force missileers on duty in an underground missile silo - Captain Skylar Reagan, an idealistic, by-the-book commander, and Lieutenant Malik Wheeler, her smart but cynical deputy. On their last shift together, Reagan and Wheeler receive a strange order to fire their nuclear missile at a target inside the US. Then communications go out, trapping Reagan, Wheeler, and their three-person crew underground, cut off from command. When they receive videos of an apparent alien invasion at the target coordinates, Reagan orders the launch but Wheeler refuses, thinking it’s all a hoax. As the crew turn on each other and the group descends into chaos because no one knows what’s real, Reagan and Wheeler must make a fateful choice that could save the planet... or incinerate millions.

Directed By

Craig Moss

Written By

Mark Keavney

Produced By

Stan Spy

Eric Woods

Executive Producers

Production Company
Carla Pictures, LLC
Tubi, Inc.
Distribution Company
Cartel Studios International
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